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About us

Alkhaleejiya for Oil Services is one of the leading Yemeni companies in the field of oil services. A successful experience has been able to provide one point of contact to meet the needs of the oil and gas companies in Yemen as well as providing many services to many public and mixed sectors and foreign and domestic companies. This is what makes us able to Compete and be an example to follow. Through all of that, our ability to provide the highest levels of service and highest quality to our customers at the best prices, making our experience unique to seek the best ever.

Director General's speech

The approach adopted by the management in the work conduction, which depend on the comprehension of the foundations of modern and science-based management methods. That are based on research, study and extrapolation along with the analysis of digital indicators that made Alkhaleejiya for oil services make their way and disperse steadily and confidently. In addition, to succeed as planned to achieve the creation of a quantum leap. All of that , list of what you are doing to provide high-quality services , products ,that have earned the satisfaction and acceptance of domestic and foreign customers , and applauded and welcomed the regional and international level, which earn our foundation weight and respected by specification authorities and corporations of Unintended Consequences; also received unprecedented recognition by competing companies in this regard.

Our vision

The continuous development of the performance and keeping pace with the implementation of the total quality management system. In addition to the continuous development and rehabilitation of the human resources of the institution to fulfill their tasks in meeting the wishes and needs of customers beyond their expectations of quality. Moreover, the right price is the real secret behind the survival and excellence and success of companies aimed at continuity, challenge, and competition in the event of great competition locally, regionally and internationally.

Our goals

Continuity in the diversity and expansion of the activity of the institution to be a multi-service corporation.


Engine oils petroleum and diesel
Chemicals for drilling and industrial liquids
Steel pipes of different sizes
Provision and implementation of electricity and water needs
Provide and implement protective coatings and coatings for metal structures
Representing a global company in the construction of giant oil and gas reservoirs
Security & Protection Equipment & Safety & Industrial & Safety Supplies
Representing international companies in providing technical consultancy and engineering designs for metal structures and civil constructions
Participation into various tenders

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Republic of Yemen - Sana'a – Al Zubairy Street – next to Magribi hospital.

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